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Events Schedule Events 2009 16/10/2009 - Agios Dimitrios Municipality (Athens)
16/10/2009 - Agios Dimitrios Municipality (Athens) PDF Print E-mail

Event in Ayios Dimitrios Municipality - "Melina Merkouri" theatre - with Mr. Spyros Miltiades as the speaker taking place during the festivities for Cyprus Independency after Greece Cypriot Union invitation and cooperating with Cyprus Embassy - House of Cyprus and the local Cypriot Clubs of north and south suburbs.

Beyond our participation, the events' schedule includes speeches for "Cyprus Independency" and the following:

  • Documentaries for Cyprus with subjects: "Historical Retrospection" & "Cyprus Today"
  • Traditional food and drinks
  1. Ministry of Education and Civilization
  2. Cyprus Tourism Organization
  3. O.P.A.P