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* Tribute from friend and fan Panicos Theofanous 







Loukas Zymaras
Violin, Lute, Singer




Born in Famagusta of Cyprus by breadwinner parents. In 1974 he abandons his birth city, "The City of Evagoras" among his ten-member family under the threat of the Turkish air forces which were assailing their mercy.


He first starts playing the violin at the age of six and while living in Famagusta. Turning to twelve he becomes a member of the string orchestra of Famagusta and participates to the four-voice choir of "Anorthosis" in which he also teaches the tenors. Likewise, he attends Byzantine music lessons, vocal music and harmony.


After the Turkish invasion he studies in the First grade of High-school in Thessalonica. In the mine while he continues to attend violin lessons having instructor the virtuous and excellent maestro Mr. Costakis Patsalides. In 1975 he returns to Cyprus and a year after he successfully receives the highest violin Diploma.


Graduating High-school in 1977 he carries out his military duties and returns to Thessalonica where he studies music at the National Conservatory. In 1988 he gets appointed to Primary Education as a music teacher.


He now conducts the four-voice choirs of "Evagoras" Ammochostou and Community Council of Sotera, as well as the choir for children of the Community Council of Sotera. In addition, he conducts the 8-member traditional music form named "Oi Las".





Nikos Zymaras




Born in Famagusta of Cyprus in 1963. He first comes in touch with music at the age of six when he begins having violin lessons at the Trinity College of London.


He is forced to give up his studies for two years when the Turkish troops occupy his birth city in 1974.


Despite the difficulties he faced during the tragic years of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus, he manages to successfully receive the Certificate diploma for violin. He also continues his studies in vocal music and harmony at the Greek Conservatory of Athens and receives his diploma.


The past two years is a member of the traditional music form "Oi Las", playing the violin. He lives in Nicosia and works as insurance consultant.




Loukas Georgiou





George Lucas was born and raised in Ayia Napa. Practicing the profession of a fisherman.


Deals with the violin from childhood.


It is self-taught traditional violinist. Has accompanied many traditional dance groups in Cyprus and abroad.




Vasos Nicolaou
Lute, Pithkiavli






Athena Kallenou






Athena Kallenou comes from Marathovounos. Living in Ayia Napa. She holds a BA (Hons) Business Administration (Nottingham Trent University, England). It is a bank clerk.


She is an amateur singer. With the song became involved in the recent years. Is a member of the Choir of the Community Council and is attending Byzantine music. 



Savvas Miltiadous




     Born in Nicosia on 04/04/1986. His family originates from Rizokarpaso and resides in Tseri.


     He graduated the University of Cyprus in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 


    He  holds a degree from the Acropolis Conservatory. He is a member of music group "Oi Las" and plays tamboura. In his free time  he manufactures musical instruments. 




Evros Dikaios

Percussion Instruments





Born and live in Nicosia. 


He holds a Bsc in Chemistry (Nottingham University, England), MFA Theatre Directing (Middlesex University, England), with seminars of arts in Bali (Indonesia) and in Moscow. He studied traditional percussion and electric bass in Athens. 


He currently teaches percussion and traditional works with "Chitzaz"", the Traditional Music Band "OI LAS" and has his own band 'The New Tampoutsia'. 


He is an active director and works closely with independent production team of "Off Productions". 


As an actress and dancer she has participated in numerous shows in Cyprus and abroad. 




Michalis Charlis

Percussion Instruments




 Michael Tsiarlis, born in 1986 in Limassol and livesin Larnaca.


 Michael has finished the Technological University of Cyprus Department of Nursing. Holds Cypriot traditional and modern dances. He  attended classes in percussion music school for six years in Cyprus, taught Byzantine music while attending on oud(a traditional stringed  instrument). Possesses good knowledge of E/M and management programs like Microsft Office and computer music programs. Also knows  to operate microphones, amplifiers, mixing music, sound engineering. Participates as an eager volunteer in Missions to Madagascar and as  a volunteer in community care. Engaged in crafts, creating images carved in wood, glass, bronze and stone. 


As a musician and dancer, has taken part in numerous performances in Cyprus and abroad.