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Historical Background
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“Oi Las”, is a Traditional Music Group, which was formed in 1998, in order to save, contain and continue the Traditional Music of Cyprus.

To be able to achieve what saw mentioned above, all the members of the Traditional Group, are searching for the last pieces of Cypriot Traditional Music, which used to be popular, as well as written material over the history of the Cypriot Traditional Music.

Therefore “Oi Las”, try to participate in several cultural events organized by certain including mayors, Cypriot communities and the Cypriot Organization of Tourism. They have also participated in many festival and events performed in Cyprus and abroad. In order to accomplish their mission they participate in many schemes organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture. This way the Traditional Music of Cyprus is being continued in several communities in Cyprus . They have played also for the T.V. and the Radio of C.B.C.

One of the group targets is to travel and meet the Cypriot culture through their music in other countries, and they had that opportunity in their trip in Athens, China, Estonia, Finland, France and Istanbul .
They also participate in Ministry’s of educations and cultures program which introduce the traditional music in education with the form of seminary’s and performance. The program applies in Junior School and was with the initials of the group.
The group has great success with their cooperation with famous Greek artists Glykeria, Petros Gaitanos, Panagiotis Lalezas and Areti Ketime.

After five years research and studying, the group has accomplished the double cd named “KLIRONOMIAS PARADOSI” (HERITAGE’S TRADITION) with Cypriot traditional dances and songs.
Recently they have accomplished their second cd named “EN LAS” , with Cypriot traditional songs.